Heute in Deutschland unterwegs? Obacht!

Reisende in Deutschland müssen sich heute am 1. Mai vorsehen.
Denn heute wird viel demonstriert und diese Demonstrationen können Gewaltätigkeiten auslösen. Also unbedingt in lokalen Medien informieren!
Die Sicherheitswarnung des United States Department of State:

Germany’s robust democracy is often expressed in large, public demonstrations on a variety of political and economic issues. Such demonstrations are common on politically significant holidays, such as German Labor Day on May 1, and during international summits hosted in Germany. In order to stage a demonstration, groups must obtain prior police approval, and police routinely oversee participants and passersby. Nonetheless, these demonstrations can attract counter-demonstrations and have the potential to turn violent. Avoid areas around protests and demonstrations and check local media for updates on the situation and traffic advisories.

In addition, hooligans, most often drunken “skinheads,” have been known to harass or even attack people whom they believe to be foreigners or members of rival groups. On occasion, U.S. citizens have reported that they were assaulted for racial reasons or because they appeared “foreign.” In addition, U.S. citizens should also exercise caution when congregating in areas known as expatriate hangouts such as restaurants, bars, and discos frequented by high numbers of resident U.S. citizens and/or U.S. citizen tourists, as this could attract unwanted attention from disorganized groups of rowdy patrons seeking to start a fight.

„You think it’s safe because we tell you it’s safe.“
„Du denkst es sei sicher, weil wir Dir sagen, daß es sicher ist.“

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